Vanishing Airtime? This is what you can do about it

“Data Leakage” has been reported by hundreds of cell phone users. Radio 702 talk radio was contacted with customers irate about their data being used up or being billed for using the Internet although they did not do this.

Some smartphones allow you to monitor the data usage on your phone whenever you want to. Many users are not aware that although you do not have an app open on your phone, if the app is logged in and you can connect to the Internet, the app works. FaceBook, Gmail, many games, WhatsApp automatically connect to the internet to download new messages.

Content subscriptions are also the main cause. You may not realise that you are subscribed to a service and are charged R2, R10 per day. This can total hundreds of rands in a month – when your bill arrives, you get a surprise.

According to MyBroadband,

To see whether you have been subscribed to a WASP, mobile operators allow users to manage content subscriptions through SMS or USSD codes.

Cell C: Dial *133*1#. From there you can block all existing and future content billing.
MTN: Dial *141*5# and select which services to unsubscribe from.
Telkom: Telkom’s Event-based Billing
Vodacom: Send SMS containing “STOP ALL” to 30333.

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