Website Design

Now, you probably think that you need to pay someone every month for a site. This is not so. Qubicle 5 can design a site for you on a “free service site” and provide you with the first pages. You can then contract us to make changes for you or we can provide you with training on how to change some of the pages yourself. Some complicated pages take a little more expertise. Costs range anything from R100 to R20,000 and higher.

Website design is the layout and customer experience of your site. This entails working with your logo and colours, and creating menus, links and pictures to increase the appeal of your site. This website type typcially involves simple website pages with standard content ie text about your company.

Most companies do not require to have a lot of information on their site. You may just want to list information about your company (contact information like address / telephone / email address etc), history, client referrals / testimonials, list of products and pictures.

For most companies, you require clients to request a quote as your pricing structure differs like in the case of a plumber etc. In this case you would not put your price list on the site. Some businesses prefer clients to contact them for a price so that they can chat to the person and try to convince them to purchase the products.

What information you want to put onto your site is up to you. It can be one page or a 20 pages. The choice is yours.

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