Google Services

Google is one of the most used search engines in the world. It is definately the case in South Africa. You do not have to remember the address of a site or bookmark your favourite recipes – Google has it for you and all you need to do is search for it.

Mail – Google offers a free email address. It is one of the most preferred as you cn store more information than most other free emails out there. This is all web-based so you can view your mail – anywhere with an internet connection. There is now an offline version where you can download your mail to your home or office computer and carry it wherever you go, without having to connect to the internet to view older emails.

Google maps allows you to put your business information online for free as well. You can add your contact information, what services you provide and ofcourse your address. When someone searches, these listings mainly come up if your company name is searched for directly ie qubicle5 as opposed to IT company search.

How many people make their money – is through Google advertising called Adwords. I am sure that you have seen these ads – they are either at the top of a page when you search or on the right hand side. These are advertising that companies have paid for and in all cases take precedence over companies that do not. That is why sometimes you find a link to a company higher up than a company that has more to do with what you searched for. How this works is:

  • You determine how much you want to spend a day / month.
  • Create an adwords campaign with your ad and your budget.
  • You are charged every time someone clicks on your ad.
  • It does not guarantee you a sale / lead but it does get your clients to your site and with competitive industries – every little advantage helps.
  • You can pay Google upfront or at the end of a month (if you provide credit card / debit order details).

We can assist you in learning how to do this or do this for your – our services are flexible for your needs.

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