Website development is enabling you add more features to your site. You require a “developer” to do the following for you :

  • Allow users to register online
  • Any data you want to store ie client information, order details etc

For this, you would also (in most cases), be required to host your site somewhere that you have direct access to the data ie in the form of a database. Most website hosting packages allow you one form or another of data storage. Your website can be hosted on a computer at home, or in your office. Websites do not always have to exist on the internet. After all, a website is just a set of files that is designed to show you information in a pre-defined format.

You can have a website that allows people to enter their details for a quote, newsletter, special offers etc. This information is stored and you can retrieve it at any time to be able to contact these potential leads, or even to report on the amount of leads you have in the last month. You have complete flexibility of what your website can do for you and for your customers.

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