Ashley Madison site hacking – what now?

The Internet allows anyone with a concept to have a website. For a company, product, profile, selling something, dating, information, and so on. So it came as no surprise to many that there is a website that allows those that are married to find someone to cheat with. Ashley Madison was created.

It has been more than a month when hackers were able to access the site and its user information. They have access to the personal details of all members across the world that are cheating. What would they do with this?

Most hackers do something like this to prove their skill, publicise their cause or hold the owners for ransom.

Over 37 million people were very worried. Would their information be leaked? Would their loved ones find out? Would this be the end of their marriage?

For those in an open marriage, you may believe that they would not be worried about something like this – not so. Your spouse may not have a problem with you cheating but do your friends and family know about this ? Recent news has noted that two people have committed suicide as a result of their details being available.

Not only can a name or email be found, information available also includes details of sexual preferences. Is this the end of the online cheating?

Sadly now – sites like this have no end. The current owners can create a new site called Joe Soap and start over. They know they have 37 million members they can target to this new site. Other entrepreneurs may try their luck – create a site that is more secure, cheaper subscriptions and off they go.

The Internet market is open – any person, any country, any race, any preference.

What do you think of this?

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